Mobile Apps

Check out our wide range of applications! We currently only have Android applications, iOS applications will be released this fall.

Icon Title Description Cost
Math Algebra Solver Calculator This is a algebra calculator that solves algebra for you, and gives you answers teachers will accept! Unlike other similar apps this app is built directly for students. The answers that appear will be in the form your teacher will want. No more weird decimal answers! Finally an app with answers teachers will accept! This does a variety of algebra calculations to help with your math class. See our Website for more information. Or check out the app on the Android Market. $0.99
Hidden Menu Coffee Drinks Starbucks secret menu is finally available to everyone with over 75 Drinks! Ever wonder what a "Zebra Mocha" is? How about a "Dirty Chai"? These are 2 of the secret drinks that are known only to a few Starbucks insiders. This app has over 75 secret drink recipes that can be made at Starbucks. Everything Starbucks has to offer from banana splits to raspberry passion teas. We made this app so that you can finally try these delicious drinks! Rather than asking for the drinks by name, this app will show the barista taking your order the exact instructions how to make each drink. See our Website for more information. Or check out the app on the Android Market. $0.99
DSLR Photography Guide Need help taking a good photo with your DSLR or other camera look no further! Unlike other similar apps, this app is built for beginners and experts! It can act as a guide for beginners including a full beginners reference manual and a cheat sheet for experts, including tips from other experts! All photographers will benefit from this app it is a must have! Join our extensive photography community and share your knowledge with other photographers. Become completely immersed in the photography world: create a profile, share your knowledge, share your portfolio, learn from professionals and meet other like minded individuals. Check out the app on the Android Market. $3.99
Integral derivative calculator Having trouble memorizing trig formulas, integration, and derivatives? This is the app for you! This application is a great tool for anybody who uses calculus or is taking a calculus class as well as trigonometry class. This app gives you hundreds of formulas that can help you with your studies. Check out the app on the Android Market. $0.99
Free Apps
Icon Title Description Cost
Hidden Menu Coffee Drinks Free This is the FREE version of the app that gives you over 25 free secret Starbucks Drinks! See the full version for Over 75 drinks Secret Starbucks Drinks! See our Website for more information. Or check out the app on the Android Market. free